1. Hand-Styled DESIGN

Preserve the investment you’ve made in typesetting your book – we will create a beautiful digital replica. Whether you want a simple facsimile of your existing print book, or a new design tailored for a digital reader, we deliver the quality you’ve come to expect from the traditional paper book. Our eBooks are carefully hand-styled to maintain superior quality control.

2. Dynamic Annotation, Footnotes and Indexes for FUNCTIONALITY

Function and design come together in our eBooks so they work the way you intended. If your project is annotated, footnoted, endnoted or requires other special dynamic linking, take a look at our dynamic books. We can even create fully functioning glossaries and indexes!

3. Read-along Multimedia: VALUE-ADDED CONTENT

Use audio, video and web-integration to create a truly unique reading experience. By offering value-added content like audio and video, you are offering your readers something they cannot find anywhere else. Add a video-author interview or commentary. Narrate to a novel. Add music or background sounds.

We offer a full host of eBook creation services, perfect for simple conversion projects to complex accessibility roll-outs. Each project is evaluated individually for the best possible resulting documents. We create re-useable stylesheets to maintain design integrity through your full eBook program. Our eBooks are thoroughly verified and validated to a rigorous 20-point checklist of design, function and usability.