Lunarpages’ Hotlink Protection breaks most WordPress themes

Hotlinking is pure laziness

Hotlinking is pure laziness

Be careful when choosing to activate your domain service’s hotlink protection tools as they may break your WordPress theme. Hotlink protection often promises to keep external pages from directling linking to your website’s assets. Direct hotlinking may eat away your bandwidth over the month. Choosing to activate a hotlink protection tool is a great choice for many webmasters. If you’re running a site that uses WordPress or some Joomla CMS themes, you may find that the standard hotlink protection tool may disable some of the php in your site. Two of my sites came down completely. Fortunately, disabling the protection tool in my cpanel brought the sites back up normally.  As an alternative, you may choose a plugin that manages how assets are managed for incoming external visitors.

I *heart* Q2ID by Markzware

The Quark to InDesign Plugin by Markzware


I’ve just purchased the new Q2ID plugins for CS4. Conversion works well for Quark 4-7 files, no major headaches at all. The stylesheet transformations work very well, only leaving glyph translations to be done manually. I thought the $200 price tag was a little too rich for my budget, but it has saved me hours of manual conversion work in a matter of a few weeks.

Well worth blowing the budget!

Plugin FAIL: Extensis Suitcase Fusion for InDesign CS4

ISSUE RESOLVED: this is a Vista permissions/power user issue

SCAgentInterface.dll was not found

SCAgentInterface.dll was not found

Error: “This application has failed to start because SCAgentInterface.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

Verify the installation of the Extensis plugin in the “Manage Plugins” in InDesign. There will be a red x beside the plugin that is failing. If you choose “More Info”, you will notice that the error is LoadLibrary failure.

You must be the power user for both InDesign and SuitcaseFusion. Right click and choose “Run as Administrator” when you’re opening the programs. Once this is done, you should be able to open InDesign without error and run the plugin normally.

Everything is working well for me now. Hope this works for you :)

Licensing for Embedding Fonts into eBooks

I’d like to know what Adobe and Linotype have to say about licencing their fonts for embedding in eBooks. From what I’ve read of the IDPF whitepapers, ePub

Sony LIBRIe now sold by Aluratek?

The first bbeb reader

The first bbeb reader

Aluratek Libre for sale on Tiger DirectIt’s not so unusual for readers to appear rebranded in the overstock stores, but this one is something worth considering if you’re testing multiple types of eBooks. Check out this strange sale; it appears that the LIBRIe is alive and well in the Tiger Direct warehouse. I have to admit it’s a tempting reader, even after so many years… The LIBRIe offered native support of PDF, ePub AND mobipocket books — a useful combination in one reader and a very rare find for a eBook device in Canada.

The price point is a little to high for most — $240 will buy you a lot more than a 4 tone reader. I’ve got to keep my hands out of my wallet until we hear more about the apple tablet.

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